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Bra Extender

This multi-pack of two hook bra strap extenders comes with different neutral colours to work with a range of bras in your collection. An easy fix solution, these bra extenders simply attach onto your existing hook fastening when you need a little extra slack around the back. Ideal when in-between sizes, during weight fluctuations or even during pregnancy, these extenders are an inexpensive resource to accompany your lingerie collection, eliminating the need to purchase a whole new set of bras. This hook and eye bra extender was designed to extend your bra and make you more comfortable.
By attaching it to bras that have become too small to fit comfortably, you will extend the band size of the bra and get years of additional use out of your bras.
These high-quality Bra Extenders will ensure a greater and more long-lasting fit for your bras.
Ideal if you:
- are in-between bra sizes
- need just a little extra breathing room from your bra
- gain or lose a little weight from time to time
- are pregnant, nursing or experiencing the other joys of maternity
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