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Bra Pad

Bra Pad can be washed with soap and water. Generally, the wearing time should not exceed 8 hours, which is similar to the adjustment underwear.
How to wear:
Clean the skin: Wash the breasts and dry the skin. Be careful not to use lotions, talcum powder or any skin care products as this will affect the stickiness.
Wear: Stand in front of the mirror and flip the silicone bra cup from the inside out. Align the center of the cup with the nipple, then push and hold the breast with one hand and smooth the edge of the cup to match the upper and lower edges of the breast.
Repeat the above steps to wear another cup and make sure that the heights on both sides are the same.
Fasten: Press the two cups tightly with your hands for a few seconds to make sure they are secure and then fasten the front buckle.
Wear tips:
If you want to make your breasts look fuller, place the silicone bra cup over the chest line. Since the lower edge of the cup is designed to be fused with the chest without revealing the edge of the cup, it is normal to wear it without covering the lower chest edge. If you want to enhance the effect of the cleavage, just keep the two cups away from each other. When the buckle on the front is buckled, your chest will be tightened, so you can create any charming cleavage you want.
Take off the method: Unfasten the button on the chest and gently remove the cup from top to bottom.
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