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Fabric Bra Pad

A chest pad can be kept in the bra. Generally, a woman with a small chest can be placed in the net pocket inside the bra, in the lower part of the breast, so that the chest looks solid, full and beautiful; a woman with moderate or large breasts can not use a chest pad.
1.Wide Applicability: Bra insert pad perfect for swimwear, sports bra, yoga clothes, bra pockets, evening gowns, wedding dresses, tank top, casual wear etc.
2.Good Breathable Performance: The thin bra cup is pretty breathable, even when sweating a lot, they don't interfere with the moisture-wicking properties of your sports bras.
3.Superior quality that holds its shape.
4.Can make edge sew process, will more durable for insert into garment.
5.Different size available.
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