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Breast Form

Your silhouette is always your first consideration when choosing an outfit and that's why the right breast form is so important to pulling off a huge range of looks. XINRUI bring years of specialised experience to the design and manufacture of our comprehensive range of partial and full breast forms. What's more, they're designed to be easy to use with any of our ranges of pocketed clothing, so you can get the look you're after without the inconvenience.
Adheres directly to the chest wall
Follows every body movement naturally
Ideal to wear with figure-hugging clothes
Distributes weight more evenly
Has an adhesive surface which has been thoroughly tested and is kind to the skin
Gives a feeling of total security
Supplied in a soft carry-case for discreet storage
As we know, our bodies change as we age and mastectomees are no exception. The natural breast can change density with weight gain or weight loss or other natural aging. These forms were developed to offer a lighter weight alternative to the heavier standard weight forms while still matching the contours of the natural breast.
Lighter in weight for women who have lost denseness in their natural breast yet still maintain the natural shape.
Soft, comfortable and perfect for women who need weight but not like a standard weight form.
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