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Silicon Breast Form for Women

Silicon Breast Form for Women is the lightest custom product on the market, non-porous (so it's perfect for water activities), easily maintained, and has more wearer friendly options than any other product on the market.
Many women may be looking for a more realistic style breast form, and teardrop shape prosthesis, with a natural looking nipple, could be the solution you're looking for.
It is made of medical silicone covered with a velvety soft, skin-like, polyurethane film. The concave back accommodates many types surgeries with a comfortable fit over tender surgical areas. A separate molded fabric cover is included.
It is super soft feeling, and in a bra, it looks like a natural breast and feels comfortable against your skin. This breast form moves naturally with the body and flattens when a woman is lying down. It weighs up to a third less than traditional breast forms of the same shape, offering extra comfort.
These prostheses help to reduce tension in the neck and shoulders, and are particularly beneficial for women with a large bust, or those who have been diagnosed with lymphoedema following their breast surgery. This breast form is ideal to wear every day, but it’s also great for sports and swimming.
It looks and feels natural, with a soft silicone front layer and new super-soft outer film that feels like cashmere. The pearlescent temperature-equalizing layer absorbs excess body heat which reduces perspiration behind the form.
Extra comfort comes from a gel back layer that flows gently and softly over even the most sensitive scar tissue. It's beautiful and comfortable pocketed bras are a favorite among post mastectomy patients.
Temperature equalizing material keeps sweat behind forms at bay
Soft against the skin with cashmere like feel
Moves naturally, and flattens when laying down like a real breast
Flowable gel back layer is comfortable against extra sensitive tissues
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