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Butt Pad

Nowadays beauty pay more attention to the body curves, the curve of the buttocks can catch people‘s eye in party.Our cpompany design a new product silicone ellipse butt pads ,make you become sexy hot beauty immediately.The silicone butt pads is made of eco-friendly medicial import silicone gel ,it can make you feel more realistic, the effect is more obvious. And silicone buttocks pad is not afraid of pressure, good elasticity, not easy deformation, durable.So if you want charming figure,why not buy one for yourself.
100% non-toxic, harmless and tasteless imported silicone material.
Safe and non-allergenic, light in design, perfect in shape, antibacterial and easy to clean.
With different underwear bags, freely support, concentrate, massage the buttocks, create a perfect curve
The touch is smooth and soft, wearing a light-weight clothing, so that the hips are concentrated in the invisible height, firm and feminine, is a must for fashion women.
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