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Adhesive push up bra
- Dec 21, 2018 -

Xinrui Apparel Accessories is a manufacturer working on all kinds of ladies' silicone adhesive bra products for 11 years. Products include silicone bra, sponge bra, bra with drawstring. The images below are a few of our products.  

  • Adhesive push up bra: Self adhesive bras with drawstring helps push up your chest and shape the charming effect of deep V.Unique butterfly shape design,Better to show off your beautiful chest curve,increase your sexy glamour rating.


  • Simple&Save-Time: Just need a little pull will hold your chest, creating a busty, fuller and charming deep V shape breast. And also lets you control the cleavage, depending on your dress or maybe your mood.


  • Charm Up: The straess bras more fit the chest, fit all the clothes, suitable for low-cut outfits, backless dresses, wedding dress, party dress, keeping a variety of charm, making you to be the amazing focus.

  • Ladies-Sexy

  • Safeguard Health&Comfortable: Inner sticky part is made from medical-grade gel, skin-friendly. Everything always stay in place with good stickiness, it will gentle adhere to your skin and keep the breast stable.

  • Environmental protection: It is easy to clean only need to simply wet the adhesive surface with warm water and mild detergent and then air to dry it. Once dried, the adhesive regenerates itself. Adhesive strapeless br can be reusable for many times within good maintain. (Clean the Strapless bra with soap and water, then air-dry.)