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Advantages of placket
- Dec 21, 2016 -

Now many fashion ladies with chest posted instead of BRA, chest posted in has stealth bra NudeBra imports material making, and long time not deformation, and can washing repeat using, features of while, is more small, and light, posted in chest will think more comfortable, and more natural, completely out has usually that bound and oppression of feel, apt to covered with chest, both security and perfect to reached highlights two points of sexy, will woman sexy index and the beauty index rose to maximum, more graceful show beauty chest sexy curve, Release the most original flavor!


Placket shortcomings:

1. beautiful breasts will look even smaller.

2. put on the chest stickers have no sense, not feeling well.

Placket species

Placket common there are two: one is by pressure adsorption on the breast, there is also a directly attached to the breast.