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Considerations for nipple
- Dec 21, 2016 -

1, do not use towels, clothes and so on to touch paste part, because of their wool and paste part of the tangle. But if something fell into the paste part, carefully stir up with their fingers. Try to avoid those very easily shed clothes.

2, when cleaning do not use nails, brush or other things except the Palm to clean, or it will cause damage.

3, prohibits the use of alcohol, bleach or other chemicals to clean, you just need SOAP and warm water.

Part 4, do not try to remove the mucous membrane, you may damage the product.

5, avoid contact with sharp objects, if you accidentally punctured with a small piece of the ventilate adhesive plaster stuck to strong viscous end break apart.

6, wash hands with SOAP and warm water, naturally dried, again sticky. No shoulder straps and side of intimate design, no matter what kind of dress will let you leave without a trace. So, as long as you pay attention to the above points then you are worried about problems easily solved!

7, because the nipple is self-adhesive glue on the body, so it is always better than cotton underwear comfortable, not as a regular choice.

8, the nipple is a stylish feminine care products, posted on the breast can replace the underwear and BRA covered functions, has its unique features, but there are some health risks. Experts advise you depending on the sensitivity of your skin to choose from. Is best not to use with sensitive skin milk paste.

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