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Effect of nipple
- Dec 21, 2016 -

Advanced silicone refined form, color, feel close to human skin, used directly in the chest, natural and comfortable, with one another in the chest. Reusable after washing, can be used with elegant evening dresses, casual strapless, backless, gel arm packed with see-through. Products with petal-shaped, heart-shaped, lip. Many women have to worry about dinner no bra to go with dresses, do not wear Bras, thoracic curves less than perfect, and the risk of exposing; Bras, bra straps can affect the beauty of dresses, was embarrassed to. Mini chest stick to solve your embarrassing! Its compact design, just to cover the nipple and areola, self-adhesive designs, easy off despite how active you are not afraid. No shoulder strap bondage, you can wear a nice Halter dress, dress, Bare shoulders, let your shoulders back Frank dew, filling your charm. Tiny nipple at the same time you can adjust the shape of your breasts, more rounded chest sexy glamour dress up to you plus underscore your sexy.

1.100% the pure silica gel products

2. self-adhesive design, solid and easy to fall off

3. strapless cumbersome, easy to wear

4. small petal design, protect the nipple

5. comfortable breathable

6. shaping tall tight chest curve

7. can be used with fitted for Halter, Bare shoulders, see-through