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Fashion Tape - The must have fashion accessory
- Jan 20, 2018 -

Fashion Tape – The Must Have Fashion Accessory. A Multi-Functional Fashion Life Saver…

First of all what is Fashion Tape?  It’s a double-sided adhesive tape which is fabric-friendly, incredibly versatile and almost infinitely useful. Every lady should have some fashion tape in their fashion collection, not only at home, but also a portable supply in their handbag. You won’t believe how many times this tape will come in useful to fix a fashion mishap.

What can Fashion Tape be used for? Where do I start, Fashion tape can be used to solve many annoying fashion problems, here are my top 10 uses for Fashion Tape:

1.Securing Revealing Necklines – If you have a dress or top which is a little too low and showing just a bit more cleavage than you would like, you can use Fashion Tape Strips to reduce the revealing neckline. Positioned correctly these strips will securely hold most fabric in position, giving a discreet, flat, unnoticeable result. No more messing with annoying safety pins!  Try out Hollywood Fashion Tape which is gentle on skin, hypoallergenic and leaves no residue on fabrics. It also comes in a gorgeous pink tin which contains 36 Easy to use Clear Double Stick Strips. Great for popping in your hand bag!

2.Holding up Strapless Tops or Dresses – Have you ever attended a wedding or special occasion wearing a strapless top or dress that you ended up constantly pulling up from under your arms? Very frustrating I know. Well there is now a solution to this annoying fashion problem.  Yes Fashion Tape but not just any Fashion Tape,  this one is called and it has been specifically designed with a zig-zag shape for support in every direction and contains a medical grade foam adhesive that is both safe and effective to hold up any Strapless Top or Dress even on the Dance floor! Upsie Daisie is a heavy duty clothing adhesive that will defy gravity.

3.Creating false lapels on a Cardigan – If you have Crewneck Cardigan which ideally would be more suitable as a V- neck when wearing certain outfits, you can use Fashion Tape to create the look of false labels on either side. Just fold the top section of the cardigan backwards and apply the Fashion tape to create a smooth and stylish finish.

4. Unstitched Trouser Hem – How many times have you been at work to find the hem of your trousers has become unstitched! Rather than going for the stapler or sellotape, you should always carry some fashion tape in your hand bag, giving an immediate solution to this fashion mishap! Ideal for this situation is A New Travel Friendly Double Sided Fashion Tape Dispenser  that flips open to reveal a 10” roll of  double sided tape with crack-n-peel liner. Simply drop into your bag for any fashion emergencies.

5.Eliminate Blouse/Shirt Gaps – When your Shirt or Blouse gaps just around the boob area, it’s a lot easier to apply fashion tape to fix this problem rather than trying to insert a hidden safety pin! Women of any breast size can struggle with this problem but just one piece of fashion tape between the pulling buttons can work wonders.

6.Keeping the end of a Belt in place – Rather than having to tuck the loose belt-end under the belt itself which does not work for all styles of belts and does not look right with every outfit. Fashion tape can be used to stick the loose end of a belt to the body of the belt. However you do need to be careful with super soft or expensive belts even though the tactic has never harmed leather, plastic, or cloth … better safe than sorry.

7.Adhere Body Jewels – Double sided clear fashion tape can be used to stick on body jewels. Tape strips. This fabulous tape gently adheres to your skin, is hypo-allergenic and leaves no residue. It’s clear so it doesn’t cover your beautiful natural skin colour.

8.Hide Bra Straps – Fashion Tape can be used to tape the bra straps to the fabric of your clothes or if you prefer it might be easier to tape the bra strap to your skin. The sensation isn’t uncomfortable so much as odd, and after a few minutes  you generally forget the tape is even there.

9.Turning up you Jeans – Not all fashion tapes are strong enough to hold up the hem of your jeans, but one that is specifically designed to do such a task is Hem Tape for Denim. This first durable double stick tape specially created for denim can be used to alter the length of Jeans in a flash. This Exclusive adhesive grips fabric fibres for a durable hold, leaves no sticky residue behind and won’t pucker fabric for a clean, smooth hem

.1o.Tack down a shirt collar – Even after being ironed some shirt collars need some help to stay put. Especially if you like to wear a necklaces under the collar or with your button down shirt, fashion tape can be used to hold collars in place or to help spread the collar wide. Determine how much of a v-neckline you want to create, and tape the collar to the shirt body.