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How to apply a strapless panty
- Jun 06, 2018 -

Direction For Application

  1. Clean and dry your skin. Do not use any lotions, oils, or powders on the area of application.

  2. Remove the silicone adhesive liners.

  3. Position the front of the panty in the desired area and press firmly onto your skin.

  4. Wrap the panty through your legs and press in the desired place.

How to Shibue FAQ

Directions for Removal and Care How to Shibue FAQ

  1. Carefully peel the panty from your skin.

  2. Handwash the panty and the adhesive with a mild soap and lay flat to dry.

  3. Once dry, place the protective liner on the adhesive to protect it.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I use the restroom?

Simple! Just peel one end of the panty from your skin and re-apply when finished.

2. Which size is right for me?

Remember your circumference doesn’t matter because the panty only goes from your front of your pubic bone and to the back of your bottom. As the sizes become larger, the panty becomes slightly longer and has wider coverage.

3. Can I re-apply the Strapless panty?

Yes! Simply peel the panty from your skin and reapply when needed. The adhesive is re-usable so it will stick repeatedly to your body.

4. Will there be a problem if I perspire?

Not at all, exercise or dance the night away! Your Panty will be right there with you. However, if you feel it loosen due to excess perspiration, simply remove the panty, dry your skin, and you are good to go!

5. Can I re-use the Strapless Panty?

Yes, the strapless panties are washable and reusable and can be worn over and over again.

6. What if I have hair, can I still wear? How to Shibue FAQ

The silky, smooth silicone can be applied to light hair and it’s so gentle that it will not remove the hair or tear at the skin. However, we do not recommend heavy hair in the area of application, as a smooth, clean, hairless surface is preferable.

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