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How to use silicone bra pads
- Jan 11, 2018 -

Silicone Bra Pad Tip:

Looking for natural breast lift and breast enlargement without expensive surgery? Swim shapers will boost a small bust and resolve bra gaping as well as uneven breasts. Silicone bra pads are an easy, affordable solution. Xinrui’s silicone bra enhancers are of the best quality, in other words they are soft, smooth, and sumptuous to wear. The breast lift from the push up feels so natural, it’s possible to forget you’re wearing them!

How to use silicone bra pds 
Because silicone bra enhancers cannot be pinned or sewn, your swimsuit must have a built-in bra (however, a seamstress can create an area in your bra or swimsuit for the silicone bra pads) for keeping the bra pads in place. Also, most swimsuits have a small slit in the bra where you can simply replace any generic bra pads that may have come with the swimsuit with Bravo bra pad inserts. And, if your swimsuit has a bra but no slit opening, cut a small slit in the lining, slip the silicone bra pads in through the opening and sew the lining closed again.


Afterwards, hand-wash with mild soap and warm water after use in chlorinated water or salt water. Air dry.

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