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- Dec 21, 2016 -

Nipple breast nipple NudeBra is used in the human body. A stick-like objects to cover the areola, it makes people feel more comfortable, safe and beautiful, from the Visual effect has a decorative effect. Fashion, trendy, convenient times.

Nipple NudeBra can give you a comfortable, relaxing, elegant, beautiful and at ease. There are many different shapes, different sizes, for example: plum blossom, heart-shaped, five-pointed, rounded, Palm, lips, ladybug, Apple, butterfly, flower, so much milk paste only to make you look youthful and pretty threatening. Milk paste the one-time and repeated use of the nipple.


Silicone cloth, non-woven cloth, forging, lace and so on.


Heart-shaped, flower-shaped, u-shaped, round, Apple-shaped and pear-shaped, butterfly-shaped, lip-shaped, star-shaped, hand-shaped, Sun, tree form, clover-shaped, and so on.