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Nipple type
- Dec 21, 2016 -

Nipple there are two common, due to the effects of air pressure, smooth and tight nipple tightly adsorbed on the breast.

The latter through a sort of plastic attached to the breast.

The harm

1, due to air pressure effect, smooth and tight nipple firmly adsorbed on the breasts, breasts can be easily under pressure, edema, white, inverted nipples, allergies, or even trigger a mastitis;

2, glue-like thing attached to the breast, the side effects of long-term use may appear similar to the plaster, itchy skin redness, even ulceration, allergic skin and the nipple, consequences can be imagined. Therefore, milk paste is only suitable for occasional use, does not replace the bra for long-term use, otherwise it is likely to affect the breast appearance and health.

Matching skills

Milk paste mix has a lot of skill with clothes, usually light colors use nipple to a whitish color, beautiful yet elegant; dark clothing choices for big, pale yellow, pink or blue, light purple, and black-the best selection of yarn spun black nipple. If your coats and dresses was a large floral pattern, then the nipple with a flower pattern printed just come in handy. A rose inlaid lace slip dress can be worn in a pair of rose-milk paste, even though the clothes transparent, the blowing Roses will give a seamless feel. Floral print dress can choose colors and elegant sweet-scented osmanthus nipple, then sprinkle with a touch of sweet-scented osmanthus fragrance, others thought you just come for a picnic!