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Placket of a series of considerations
- Dec 21, 2016 -

Wearing tips

If you want to plump the chest above the bottom line more wear. Thinner the lower edge of the placket itself is designed to let you wear and your body line fusion without apparent edge of the placket. So when you're wearing the chest stickers not covered under your chest when margins are normal.

Adjusting edit

If you want to enhance the effect of concentration on top built deeper ditch, wear with two old-style uu chest placed away from some deductions from the set.

Remove method

Release chest buckle under the first, and then slowly stripped from top edge to bottom placket, chest after take off the chest stickers if you feel sticky, wipe gently with a paper can.

Maintenance method

1, with a stealthy brassiere on his hand's Palm, and then tack that side with a little warm water and add a small amount of mild soap (do not use creams containing mild soap), marked with the Palm of the other hand to the circle of soft wash, take care not to use Nail Polish. Can cause scratches invisible bra.

2, please do not use sharp objects such as brush cleaning, this can cause permanent damage.

3, rinse with SOAP and wash away, throwing away the excess water, place the stealthy brassiere does not cover the natural dry cover in the box.

4, do not wipe dry with a towel. The stealthy brassiere to dry, cover and save until the next use.

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