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Rise of e-commerce and consumer habits change
- Dec 21, 2016 -

The first half of An Lifang and urban beauty underwear of two Hong Kong-listed company issued a profit warning in succession. An Lifang 2016 4 overall in June sales compared to last year, fell by about 18%; urban beauty the expected profit decline in the first half of this year to about 40%.

Media shout, lingerie industry "suddenly sell no more"; there will be problems due to the economic downturn, shy woman in the bag are discarded underwear of this updates only lower-frequency of clothing products. However, CBNData released has women underwear consumption trend report (following referred to for "report"), based on Alibaba big data displayed, currently women underwear industry still in development of bonus period, despite line Xia market development faced bottleneck, the big underwear leading enterprise is online Shang punches, and personalized products to match young consumers of needs, three or four line, low line level city became electric business of new growth.

In fact, An Lifang in 2014 profits will decline. Report shows An Lifang in 2014, a total of 2,317 outlets under the business lines, and remains flat in 2015 the size of offline channels, focus on business and development. Leading enterprises have been in transition, women's underwear industry is entering the fine stage of development.

Report women's underwear industry trends now boils down to three things: young, matching integration and functional segmentation. According to the changes in the population structure, young underwear industry trends, while younger consumers of lingerie scenes match the increasingly strong demand, and sexy lingerie such subdivision category also ushered in the spring. In contrast, consumption of middle-aged women more attention to shaping functional underwear, underwear for no rims much welcome.