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Strapless underwear
- Dec 21, 2016 -

Strapless underwear, as its name implies means no shoulder strap can be used directly on the breasts bra.

This has decorative effect of no shoulder with underwear, using in clothing field, especially ladies underwear, its features is in by said of no shoulder with underwear Shang has decorative real connection buckle, in by said of decorative real connection buckle Shang connection has decorative accessories, by said of no shoulder with underwear for tight chest clothing or corsets underwear, in by said of tight chest clothing or corsets underwear chest parts set decorative real connection buckle.

Utility model has a simple structure, underwear and jewelry decorated good together, is able to enhance the strapless bras and strapless corsets and other lingerie clothing does not decline the security features, can also coordinate the purpose of matching necklaces, pendants and other decorative accessories, underwear clothing perfectly, enhancing the wearer's confidence.