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Types of adhesive bras
- Jan 19, 2018 -

Types of Adhesive Bras

There are several styles of adhesive bras that offer women a wide range of support and additional padding. These bras can be reused for a limited number of times or they can be disposable depending on the quality and material. Some versions may provide one cup piece for each breast, which connect at the center with a front closure bra hook, while other adhesive bras have full cups and adhere to a woman's sides with adhesive. Three of the most common types of adhesive bras include molded adhesive bras, disposable adhesive bras, and silicone adhesive bras.

Molded Adhesive Bras

Molded adhesive bras are constructed from a flat piece of fabric, which is heat-molded over casts of breasts to form the shape of the cup. This type of bra directly molds to a woman's breasts, creating a natural, more rounded look. The molded adhesive bra is meant to look and feel invisible under any type of clothing, offering an instant natural looking lift and cleavage. This is accomplished by the lack of a seam in the bra's design, which provides a smooth line under a woman's clothing.

Disposable Adhesive Bras

Disposable adhesive bras, also known as pasties, are patches with adhesive backing that cover a woman's bust area. Woman can often buy refill adhesive in the same shape as the disposable pasties if they wish to reuse them. These pasties often come in a variety of patterns, diameters, and shapes and are designed to be invisible under clothing. They are sometimes made from a knitted material that stretches and conforms to the breast shape. Disposable adhesive bras offer a less supportive fit and considerably less definition to a woman's bust than the reusable type does.

Silicone Adhesive Bras

Silicone adhesive bras contain two silicone gel bra cups that are supporting, invisible, and seamless under clothing. Additional adhesive backing is often sold separately, since the bra's adhesiveness tends to lessen over time, making the bra cups reusable. The bra features a front closure, allowing women the ability to hook the two cups together. Silicone bras are also known for their ability to effectively enhance a woman's cleavage. Depending on the positioning of the bra cups (whether closer or further apart from each other), women can create differing degrees of cleavage.

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