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What kind of good bra and silicone sponge?
- Dec 21, 2016 -

Some time ago, a "sponge bra how to harm" and "how silicone health" post, makes hundreds of millions of women suddenly found themselves to be fooled for years, guard-wearing underwear brand sponge day can't get?! Fear flooded room! However as the sponge Bra "victims", but also disseminated decades of design industry professionals, not authority, but by no means sponge maker pen, just an ultimatum issued views in support of:

Rumor 1: wear half foam bra had breast cancer!

Eating and sleeping are all in half a year, arguably skin should have a lot of it--this is an extreme case, with sponge or any material without a contact! If you know the principles of breast cancer can be obtained: long-wearing bras, rims oppression leads to poor blood circulation may easily cause breast hyperplasia of mammary glands, which causes cancer!

Positive solutions:

1, and service for underwear: regardless of what material, and has no rims of BRA are not should long time bundle in body, and BRA are has using term, on daily wearing, at least due 5 pieces above for change, each half replaced once, because within clothing of all structure after long time times of stretch, and washing will aging and deformation, real of breast health threat, with is wear sponge bra no relationship!

Structure of 2, the bra is the key: bra Nanjing big not small, in addition to the mood and diet issues, the third-largest killer compression of the breast breast along the outside of "structures", with or without steel, the structure is too small can lead to blockage of the lymphatic glands of the most intensive, poor blood flow, could not hold back the problem?!

PS: since reform and opening up to the present day, first heard about the sponge to death, set off the underwear revolution, what is called media guidance, please calm down treats!