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2016 Underwear Industry, China Internet Conference
- Dec 21, 2016 -

Last year, lingerie industry as a whole in the tide of the Internet under pressure from struggling industry mixed anxiety filled the air, change is inevitable. On May 5, 2016 underwear industry Internet Conference in SIUF2016, China, China (Shenzhen) International lingerie show held in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center.

The Assembly by vertical mining exclusive Crown name, China knitting industrial association, and Chinese national commercial information center, and Guangdong Province textile Association, and Shenzhen City underwear industry association, and Shenzhen e-commerce service center joint hosted, this times Assembly invited has vertical mining, and Eric Advisory, and micro-Bo Yi chih, and Beijing East, and days cat, and micro-business, many platform and the dozens of home Internet institutions and domestic more than well-known underwear Enterprise common participation, attract has from industry both inside and outside amounted to more than 400 more than people participate in, site response is warm.

Assembly is composed of the Ministry of national consumer goods industry Division Director Cao Tingrui remarks, he pointed out that the Internet becomes the leading force of innovation-driven development, profound changes in people's life and production, promote social development and industry changes. Lingerie industry in China Internet Conference held for improving the adhesion of the underwear industry, strengthen exchanges and cooperation between the industry, better enabling cultivation industry eco-system of the Internet, promoting the underwear industry development in the era of the Internet is of great significance. To industry experts the industry cross-border integration, share new ideas, brainstorming, for the sustained and healthy development of China's underwear industry contribute their efforts and achieved new results.