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3D Silisponge
- Aug 14, 2018 -

Makeup powder puff.jpg

If you can't get through your makeup routine without the help of your trusty Beautyblender but hate bidding it farewell when it gets icky a few months after you get it, you're not alone. We've researched our fair share of makeup sponges, some odd-shaped ones, some silicone-based ones that look like bra inserts, and others that look like happy breast implants, but this shiny little guy just might be the most fascinating—and potentially promising—of them all.

Makeup addicts, meet the 3D Blender. According to its makers, it's made from medical-grade hypoallergenic silicone and claims to take all the best things your classic makeup sponge has to offer (the texture, the blending powder) and none of the annoying features (having to toss it after a few months, wasting all that precious foundation you spend your hard-earned money on).

Plus, it's adorable. Look at those sparkles! (Don't worry, they're on the inside, if your internal dialogue also just went something along the lines of "But won't that scratch the hell out of your face?!" It's smooth, not an exfoliant.)

Unlike the other silicone sponges we've seen thus far, this one comes in an egg shape (similar to that of a Beautyblender), so there's a wider base to cover larger areas and a smaller, pointed end to get more targeted spots, like under your eyes and nose. It also has a textured surface to help your product blend better, and currently it comes in two colors, purple and silver. The best promise? This tool supposedly lasts for a year if you treat it nicely.