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Buy Underwear Tips
- Dec 21, 2016 -

Underwear product safety concerns. Recently, the Provincial Bureau of quality and technical supervision has launched the province's cotton knitted underwear supervision carried out a province's 7 7 batches of cotton knitted underwear products manufactured by enterprises, which failed, 2, batch failure rates for 28.6%. Nonconforming items for use description of the product (logo), fiber content, and other projects.

Look closely at the label on the label, check the sizes on the washing label specification, fiber content, washing symbols and straightforward, availability of product grades and corresponding standards, security category, producer name and address. View tag and water content on the label is consistent, while paying special attention to underwear products fabrics and identifies whether the content of toppings and taste, identifies whether the name of the fibre content specifications, whether there is a specific value. Check the left and right side of cotton knitted underwear and whether the trademark has size and specification, fiber content labeling and washing durability label mark, durable labels and content of the certificate are the same. Generally speaking, become more abundant, the more complete the better. Do not purchase the above identify no or incomplete, inconsistent product.