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Correct Wear Of Silicone Bra
- Nov 24, 2018 -

The correct way to wear silicone underwear 1. Clean the skin gently clean your chest with mild soap and water, wash off the oil and other residues on the skin, dry the skin with a soft towel, do not use invisible bra Apply a talcum powder, moisturizer, emollient oil or perfume to the area near the chest to avoid affecting the viscous effect of the bra. 2. Put one side at a time Turn the cup outward when you wear it, place the cup at the angle you want to put it, gently smooth the edge of the cup with your fingertips on the chest, and repeat the same action on the other side. 3. Secure the cup Press the cup for a few seconds to ensure it is secure. In order to look more perfect, the cup should be placed at a higher position on the chest and the connecting buckle should be lowered 45 degrees to bring out your chest. 4. Connect the front buckle Adjust the position on both sides to maintain the chest symmetry, then buckle the invisible bra link. 5. Adjust the position Gently press the invisible bra and adjust it slightly upwards to immediately present a sexy and perfect chest line. 6. Unloading Untie the front buckle and gently pull the cup from top to bottom. If there is any residual glue, wipe it with a tissue.