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Demand For Male Nipple Covers On The Rise
- Jan 05, 2018 -

Sales of male nipple covers have surged in Japan, with 55,000 units reportedly sold so far this year at Japanese sports goods retailer Dot Store, according to news reports.

That is more than the total sold in 2016.

The patch, which is typically used by joggers to prevent chafing, is increasingly being used by men to prevent their nipples from being seen through their clothing, the reports said.

Otakomu news cited a 2013 survey which found 84 per cent of women did not want to see men’s nipples poking through their shirts at the office.

An advertisement to promote the covers, which look similar to sticking plasters and are water-resistant, shows a girl being turned off by her date whose nipples are poking through his shirt.

The ad then goes on to give a step-by-step guide to using the cover, from peeling it off the packaging to placing it on the offending body parts.