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Do You Know The Correct Way To Wear A Silicone Bra?
- Dec 05, 2018 -

Before wearing underwear, you can wipe the body with water first, because there is no shoulder strap, you can only rely on the breast itself to absorb the bra, in order to avoid residual oil on the breast, the silicone bra can not stick. We must keep the body in a natural dry state, do not have signs of sweating, and do not apply any skin care products, such as body milk.

The second step of wearing a silicone bra: distinguishing the left and right sides of the bra

Before we wear the silicone bra, we need to know that the arc is the lower part of the bra. The small arc is the upper part of the bra. The sticky one is the inner layer of the bra, while the other is the outer layer of the bra.


Silicone bra wearing the third step: a sequential wear bra

When wearing, turn the cup of the bra outward, place the cup at the angle to be placed, and the lower edge starts to stick to the next centimeter of the chest. When looking for a good position, we should gently use the fingertips to smooth the edge of the cup. On the chest, then press it for ten seconds, and after wearing it, wear the same method for the other side.


Silicone bra wearing the fourth step: connect the bra buckle

After finding the position on both sides of the bra, you only need to buckle the button on the silicone bra.

If you feel uncomfortable, you can make a partial adjustment, so after two or three times, you can master the correct wearing method of the silicone bra.