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How Lucky I Am With The Leading Of Luna Liu
- Dec 07, 2018 -

In the last article expressed my gratitude for the two founders at Dongguan Xinrui Apparel Accessories Co., Ltd.  Today I would like to talk about Luna Liu, the supervisor of our our foreign trade sales department. She is the one who led me into a brand new industry, and with her help I would be able to win the customer's order, all thanks to the platform provided by the company and her leading.

She is a young girl in her early twenties. She was of medium height and thin. When I first saw her, she had short hair and black glasses. Even though she at young age, she exudes a strong leadership temperament. I can say part of reason I joined Xinrui is because of her.

In the first week after joining our company, Luna led the new foreign trade salesman to get familiar with the production workshop and colleagues, conduct product knowledge training and promote the company's rules and regulations. As I was doing different products before, I had no knowledge of silicone underwear products industries. I was unfamiliar with products as silicone bras, silicone butt pads, silicone nipple covers and silicone anti-wrinkle pads. It was Luna who patiently explained all kinds of products of raw materials, technological process, product characteristics, useing method and gave answers to all sorts of questions from me, only made me very quickly to get used to the company and the products, to enhance my professional degree and build up my confidence in communication with the customer, with all this made me to do business with more overseas customers in a short period.

I have been ashamed to express myself in front of others. Today, I would like to say thank you to Luna in this article, head of the foreign trade department of Dongguan Xinrui Apparel Accessories., Co., ltd. for her help and inculcations. Thank you!