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How Lucky We Are With The Founders Of Our Company
- Nov 23, 2018 -

factory photo

It was Thanksgiving Day in western countries, as a member of the foreign trade department, I have been busy making greeting CARDS and sending thanksgiving blessings to my American customers but forgot to say thank you to our company founder, the co-workers on the production team and my colleagues of Dongguan Xinrui Apparel Accessories Co., Ltd., to express my appreciation about how nice they treated me during the past years. 

So today I would like to take this article to express my gratitude to xinrui and its two founders.Thank them for creating a beautiful working environment for us.Let's show you around our factory.The factory is built next to the lake. Surrounding the lake are individual towering trees. In the middle of the lake, groups of fish are playing with each other.Every morning I would stop by the railings of the lake to enjoy the view of the lake and watch the fish, and imagine myself as one of them enjoying the lake.The side of the factory has a tree-lined trail, path above the surrounding open very good bougainvillea, xin rui family trail after the flowers every day to meet the lake breeze merrily into the factory, compared with before a noisy work environment, the new work environment is what our hearts desire, how can not let you the family heart of joy and xin rui has been follow up company with development?

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