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How To Classify Bras
- Nov 24, 2018 -

The bra is a female item that protects the breast and beautifies the breast. It is generally composed of a buckle, a shoulder strap, an adjustment buckle, a wire under the bra, a stuffing, and the like.

(1) Bras are classified according to their shape design

1, strapless bra

Most of them use steel rings to support the chest, which is easy to wear with off-the-shoulder and wide-neck sexy clothes;

2, magic bra

Pads are placed on the inside of the cup to enhance and support the chest, which can represent the chest and deep cleavage;

3, seamless bra

The surface of the cup is seamlessly treated, and the thick cotton pad is sewn. The soil platform under the chest is also seamlessly processed, which is suitable for tight clothing;