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How To Store Silicone Bra
- Jan 03, 2018 -

How to store silicone bra

Date:3rd Jan.,2018     

After each wearing a silicone bra must be cleaned silicone invisible bra, to remove the oil in the above sweat and dirt.

  1. With one hand palm silicone invisible bra, then in the sticky that with a little warm water plus a few neutral soap (do not contain cream nourishing soap), with the palm of the other hand to draw a circle the way to gently clean, pay attention to do not use nail, because it may cause the scraping injury silicon rubber bra.

2. Wash with warm water will be washed with soap, remove excess water, placed in the silicone bra box does not cover the lid "natural dry".

Don't use a towel to dry. After the silicone invisible bra is dry, cover the lid to save to the next use.

Silicone invisible bra important matters needing attention:

- do not use towels, clothes to touch silicone invisible bra, because the hair fiber and silicone bra stealth paste some tangled. But if there is something in the adhesive part, be careful with your fingers up. Try to avoid clothes that are so easy to fall off.

- clean silicone invisible bra do not use nails, brushes or other things in addition to the center of the palm to clean, otherwise it will damage the silicone invisible bra.

- to prohibit the use of alcohol, bleach or other chemicals to wash the silicone bra, you only need soap and warm water.

- don't try to remove the silicone bra in the mucous membrane, you will make silicone invisible bra damage.

- to avoid sharp objects in contact with silicone invisible bra, if really accidentally pierced silicone invisible bra, with small strong cohesive breathable tape affixed to live can stop silicone invisible bra to split.

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