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How To Tell The Invisible Bra Material
- Dec 21, 2016 -

Invisible bra Cup can be divided into two layers, the inner layer is a layer close to the skin, is a viscous, sticky, directly and using glue, outer layer is not sticky, there are generally two silicone or cloth.

Within layer material: Glue 1.AB rubber: operation convenient, in not after oven directly coated Shang of situation Xia, using in 30 to 50 times, if manufacturers by repeatedly coated roast processing Hou, using in 100 times around, it and medical with silicone of difference is coated of when easy produced bubble, humidity larger; 2. medical with silicone: Stealth bra General using of rubber, General is not has bubble of, humidity moderate, good of medical with silicone is completely can do sweating Hou also not release of; 3, and strong rubber: viscous than biological rubber more strong, If there is some special design easy damage to the skin, to tell the difference between it and bio-gel a smell will know, glue has a not very pleasant smell ... [More] the outer material: silicone and silicone material of cloth invisible bra good break, after wearing the chest and between the invisible bra is basically sealed, silicone material invisible bra also has good effect of breast, and because the material and causes skin is very close to the touch feels very real.