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How To Wear Silicone Underwear
- Dec 04, 2018 -

The first step is to prepare for the wear.

Do not apply any skin care products on the night before and the day with the invisible bra. Avoid residual grease on the skin and cause it to stick. Wash the breasts before use, and wipe them with a towel to keep them dry. Do not leave water stains on your chest to prevent the invisible underwear from falling off!

The second step is to distinguish the left and right cups.

Invisible bras that have just arrived, it is a top priority to distinguish between the left and right cups. Look at the picture, the arc is large, the arc is small, the sticky is the inner layer, and the other is the outer layer, so don't make a mistake.

The third step is to wear one side at a time.

When wearing, turn the cup outwards, place the cup at the angle to be placed, and the lower edge of NU BRA will stick to the next centimeter of the chest. (The crest above C cup can be raised by 1-2 cm to prevent falling off) It is recommended that novice friends can look in the mirror according to the position. It is related to the invisible bra if the position is not allowed to be repeatedly pulled, which will cause the viscosity to decrease and shorten the service life.

After finding the right position, gently use the fingertips to smooth the edge of the cup on the chest, then press it for ten seconds to fix it, and then repeat the same action on the other side.

In order to look more perfect, the cup should be placed at a higher position on the chest and the connecting buckle should be lowered 45 degrees to bring out your chest.

The fourth part, the buckle connection

Adjust the position on both sides to maintain the chest symmetry, then buckle the invisible bra link. So wear it!

It should be noted that the invisible bra can make the chest gather, but it can't return the sagging chest to its original position. Therefore, friends with sagging should not use invisible bras. The invisible bra should not be worn for too long, and the breast has skin damage, lactation, and the skin is easily allergic to friends, and is not suitable for wearing invisible bra.