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Invisible Bra With Silicone Glue
- Dec 21, 2016 -

According to the survey most women now in order to make their breasts bigger business line, actually wear invisible BRA, but there is a problem. With invisible bra development speed is getting faster, and many women choose invisible bra when you have a question, is the glue problem invisible BRA, what it is a plastic, there is no harm to the human body? so the following will give you some

First is the super glue, glue compared with biological glue is that it has a certain smell, is not particularly good taste. Super Glue much better than biological glue sticky, if its design does not do some special processing, tore down was easy to pull the skin ...

Second is the biological glue, bio-Glue thing has some Chinese features, and viscosity are particularly good, won't hurt as he tore off the skin, its service life is long, usually around 3,000 times.

Third medical silicone of medical silicone glue is used in most invisible bra material, medical silicone big advantage is that even if the Chinese will not fall, is relatively safe, silicone is an organic eco-friendly materials is harmless to the human body.

Benefits of invisible silicone bra is wearing underwear outside the effect more obvious. A small chest with a thin layer with a layer of thick, can a thin Groove State now can, the main role is to gather together. But does not recommend frequent use, generally at the time of marriage because the dress is backless wear underwear worn once is fine, after all, depends on the adhesive on the skin is not very good for the skin effect can also cause lines are obviously not easy sweating easily when it's very hot out.