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Invisilble Sticky Bra - Release You Of Embarassment
- Sep 06, 2018 -

Shoulder makeup, see-through outfit, backless outfit, no invisibility corset, it is full of embarrassment

Do you want to know what it is like to be drunk and embarrassed in summer?

The same as eating a meal to find the wallet did not take ~

It's the same as encountering a little brother without makeup

It's the same as going to the bathroom!

It means you wear a nice cream skirt with Fried chicken, but goose

Your colorful underwear straps slip out!

In this fascinating summer, Present a hidden corset ~ do not hurry to pick up a small notebook book for a little!

Invisible bra:

Silicone bra, silicone bra, self-adhesive bra, breast enhancement patch, magic bra, silicone breast pads, etc.

The invisible bra consists of two pieces of silica gel and the front buckle, which are directly attached to the body.

Today's hidden bra is made of silicone and fabric.

There are types of bra, breast and breast, side and shoulder straps.

Silicone bras, self-adhesive bras, magic bras, and silicone breast pads are four commonly used invisibility bras.

The plastic see-through straps we usually choose are not only cheap and playable, but also very unseemly in formal situations.

Encounter backless outfit, ugg boots still can strangle the skin.

A whole body of pork and pork a bundle, that picture beauty dare not think!

The advantages of silica gel material are obvious: convenient and easy to get, the thickness is optional and can be used repeatedly, with high cost performance.

The cup body of the left and right cups is provided with several air holes.

Due to the adoption of such a structure, it does not need shoulder or strap, and is convenient to wear;

Good air permeability, more sweating effect;

It can also effectively prevent breast sagging and bra shedding.

Wan mei solves another awkward problem:

That's because silicone can sweat, making it less sticky and end up slipping

A magic bra is a bra that makes a woman's breasts more curved.

The first magic bra in history may have been invented in Europe in 1880

A magic bra works by covering the breast.

The straps rotate 60 to 70 degrees to move the cups toward the center of the breast.

Two breast close after breast wave and cleavage formed!

Secretly said, likes the big breast's sister may use this ~

But the flat-chested fairy, let's keep going.

Breast enhancement effect is good, the invisible bra of silica gel is generally thicker;

For now, at least, very thin silicone invisible bras are thicker than fabric ones.

So when you put it on, you should naturally plump up.

Made of silicone material used in breast reconstruction;

The advantage is that the actual breast is almost the same as the attached breast.

Are you afraid to show your invisible underwear?

We do not want underwear straps will not appear underwear straps out of embarrassment