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Is Invisible Underwear A Nipple?
- Dec 14, 2018 -

The invisible underwear consists of two pieces of silicone sheet and front buckle. No need for shoulder straps and back buckles. The cups are attached to the chest by the natural adhesiveness of the silicone to achieve the effect of gathering the chest. The nipple is like a sticker to protect the nipple.

In general, the strapless design of the invisible underwear not only solves the embarrassing problem of the dew point, but also follows the principle of the least sexiest, becoming the most attractive underwear style, no matter which aspect is a super sexy underwear that women can't lack. The invisible underwear cup can be divided into two layers, the inner layer is a layer close to the skin, which is sticky and sticky, and is directly related to the glue used in the inner layer. The outer layer is not sticky. The material mentioned here refers to the material of the outer layer of the cup.

The nipple is applied to the chest nipple of the human body. A kind of sticker body covering the areola, which makes people feel comfortable, safe, beautiful, and has a decorative effect from a visual effect. Fashion, trendy, convenient, and keep pace with the times.

Through the above introduction, you can be sure to tell you that invisible underwear does not wait for the nipple, their wearing effect is not the same.