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Is It Worth A Try A Silisponge - Definitely Yes
- Jul 19, 2018 -

Beauty hacks and trends are frequent on the internet. However, the silicone makeup sponge has taken internet hype to the next level. Xinrui silisponge, the manufacturer that supplies the "silisponge," will provide different shapes of products for you. 

What is the silisponge, you ask? Well, it's a silicone "sponge," about the size of a traditional beauty blender, that spreads product like a blender sponge or brush. But because it isn't porous, it doesn't soak up a thing.


The beauty sphere is singing its praise, even saying that it's the future of makeup application, but we're here to help you figure out if it's worth the hype.

Pro Of Silicone Makeup Sponge: Easy To Clean

The silicone sponge ensures little, if any, product goes to waste, which means product is left on your face instead of sitting in your sponge or brush.