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Knowledge Is Boundless
- Jan 11, 2018 -

To improve the management ability of our colleagues, the owner of Xinrui Accessories Company Ltd. authorized 15 people to take part in the lessons of effective agreement on management for the past months. The main courses include effective communication and effective agreement. Many criterions useful for our company have been formulated and carried out. 

The 6 companies who attended the lessons organized a contest to show up their learing outcomes, spiritual performance and the results of. We're so proud of our team, as they are in really good shape and got the second prize. 

The pictures below are our company owners and our team members.  


Our products include:

- Silicone bra

- Sponge adhesive bra

- Silicone breast form

- Breast pad

- Buttock pad

- Fashion tape

- Silicone anti wrinkle decollete pad

- PU Gel Heel cushion 

- Bra strap

- Bra extender

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