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Secret Boudoir Lingerie Brand New Ground: Monthly
- Dec 21, 2016 -

"Innovation is an inexhaustible impetus to the development of enterprises, a brand, only to change the vitality of enterprises to be more powerful and lasting. "This is the secret boudoir lingerie brand has been on the lips of the classic Wu Yihao, General Manager and, as Mr Wu Yihao founded the lingerie brand, wonder if there had been practicing" is based on the enterprise itself, persist in innovation, with an open mind to seek long-term development "approach to development.

Under the guidance of the scientific development approach, wonder if there through a variety of innovative measures to brand itself has been made a number of breakthroughs. Both layout O2O, build minimally Mall, or on the brand image of the Terminal upgrade, also signed the famous actor Vivian Chan as a brand Ambassador, wonder if there can be seen the lingerie brand have been changed and continue to achieve development. Can say that innovation has become the secret boudoir lingerie brand DNA, and just recently, the innovative lingerie brand new action: monthly.

On June 16, the first phase--wonder if there Digest June, fragrant bloom has published, compared with the traditional monthly, monthly wonder if there is not paper, it is to design the H5 form through micro-displayed platforms, public wonder if there, readers can phone, mobile terminal into the public wonder if there are read. According to the plan published wonder if there monthly charge, wonder if there is published monthly in order to better interpret and convey the wonder if there brand culture, so that the public and consumers to better reading wonder if there. As a monthly fashion underwear brand, wonder if there monthly themes about wonder if there style and stories of women, and will be published as a monthly magazine.