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Silicone Bra Purchase Knowledge
- Dec 30, 2018 -

1, invisible bra with C cup or more MM is best not pure silica gel

Silica gel mainly has a full effect. The MM with large chest no longer needs to have full effect. The more important reason is that pure silica gel is heavier than cloth bra, and it will give a larger burden to the chest MM after putting on.

2, severely drooping MM do not use invisible bra

The invisible bra is basically no good way to severely sag MM unless a revolutionary product is developed.

3, invisible bra can not improve the chest shape

Invisible bra can not correct the chest shape, it is not a body shaping underwear, but its gathering effect can also be used, the external expansion of MM is somewhat useful.

4, do not bring invisible bra during breastfeeding

The reason is very simple. The inside of the cup of the invisible bra is glued.

5, must choose a suitable cup, otherwise the effect of the service is more affected

Some MMs want to concentrate better, you can choose a slightly smaller size, and it is better to choose the one that is shorter.

6, optional invisible shoulder strap bra without shoulders in summer

Choose the bra with this invisible shoulder strap, although MM wears thin clothes in summer and won't worry about seeing the shape of your underwear.

7, the chest has a small sagging optional strap strap or side-mounted invisible bra

Some MM chests have some small droops, but if you want to wear invisible bras, this time with a strap strap or a side-mounted invisible bra is a good choice.