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Silicone Breast Form
- Sep 10, 2018 -

Knowledge of silica gel breast form

- what is silicone breast form

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Silicone breast is also called false breast, false breast, artificial breast

Silicone breast is an artificial breast shape, worn on the outside, can reshape the shape of women and feel the balance of a silicone object.

- which kind of people are suitable for silicone breast form

It is mainly applicable to female patients after surgical resection of breast cancer

Modern medical association satisfies the desire of every woman who has lost her breasts to regain her breasts, restore confidence in life, and regain the female elegance and design of professional fake breasts, which can maintain the postoperative balance of the body, and prevent and treat the torticollis and sloping shoulders caused by the asymmetrical weight of the left and right breasts

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