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Silicone Invisible Bra Advantages
- Dec 04, 2018 -

Invisible bra, also known as silicone bra, silicone bra, self-adhesive bra, breast stickers, magic bra, invisible bra is composed of two pieces of silicone and front buckle, directly attached to the body.

Advantages: The invisible bra is a semi-circular bra made of polymer synthetic material that is very close to the human breast muscle tissue. Wearing this bra, you don't have to worry about wearing the sling and evening gown in the summer, just like contact lenses.

The nipple is made of high-grade silica gel. The color and feel are close to the human skin. When used, it is directly stuck to the chest. It is naturally comfortable and fits with the chest. Self-adhesive design, firm and easy to fall off; no shoulder straps, easy to wear; small flap design, protect the nipple, comfortable and breathable, shaping a tight and firm chest curve.