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Silicone Makeup Sponge Worth A Try
- May 22, 2018 -



"Your makeup looks nice today!" I didn't wear anything different from my day-to-day look: same foundation, same liquid eyeliner, same nude lip color. I did, however, swap out my foam sponge for a silicone one.

Silicone converts say these use less product, save you money, are easier to clean, and more hygienic. I'm a die-hard Beauty Blender fan and I've used several until they've fallen apart, so when I started seeing these silicone sponges getting popular, I was a skeptic. 

The Xinrui Blender, made of hypoallergenic silicone. Part of what immediately caught my eye was that it resembled the Beauty Blender in its egg-like, leaf, round, waterdrop shape, so it'd be easy to use under my eyes and around my nose. Plus, it had more of a "look" to it with decorative glitter and different colors. I got even more impressed as soon as I heard more about how it came to fruition.

Using silicone not only uses less product, but can also prevent breakouts because the blender "doesn't stay wet. It dries very quickly. You can wipe it down with alcohol or boil it, even, if you want it really sanitized. It's not going to harbor bacteria." Truth be told, after using the Xinrui Blender for a week, my chin zits totally cleared up. There are tons of other factors that could go into why that happened, but I'd like to think taking a break from my foam Beauty Blender might've helped.

      Silisponge makeup blender worth a try.