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Silisponge Blender - A Replacement To Your Makeup Sponge
- Sep 29, 2018 -

Premium-Quality-Gel-Foundation-Makeup-and-Puff.jpg  silisponge.jpg

  • BYE BYE MAKEUP SPONGE! – It is time to throw out all your makeup sponges and NEVER waste expensive makeup again. The innovative and revolutionary design allows you to blend all your liquid or creamed based makeup without any waste. The secret lies in its non-porous design which does not absorb makeup like a sponge but still maintains flawless application. It has been specifically designed for the application of contour, eye lid, and under-eye makeup application

  • DESIGNED TO TACKLE ALL THE HARD-TO-REACH SPOTS - The tear drop shape of the silisponge has been specially designed to blend the latest contouring looks as well as reaching into the crevice of your eyelids, under-eye, and nose. Works perfectly as a compliment to your original silisponge. 

  • A MUST HAVE FOR ANY MAKEUP ARTIST – Unlike makeup sponges, the silicone makeup powder puff has the added benefit of re-usability. Since it does not retain water or product, it can be easily sanitized and used for multiple clients at a time. Any liquid foundation or cream based contour, highlighter, or concealer makeup can all be used with just one.

  • SUPERB HYGENE – The hypoallergenic TPU and silicone like “sponge” will not retain any bacteria unlike a traditional makeup sponge. Its soft outer covering will not cause abrasion, irritation, or harm to any skin type. In addition, the simple cleaning process will also ensure long-term sanitation. To clean simply rinse the cute item through lukewarm water and soap and air dry.

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