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Stealth Bra And Silicone Oil On Canvas What Is The Difference?
- Dec 21, 2016 -

1. pure silicone is 10 years Qian first appeared of stealth Bra (but then factory only do export, until 6 years Qian only in city listed) Although pure silicon Qian bra history long, but it of toughness, and feel, and thoughtful sex, and never deformation, and and the viscous more stable. even water swimming also without worried it will off. These are is oil on canvas are cannot alternative of. This is this paragraph old products until now also has been is by MM are pro-stare of main reasons Oh. ~

With the updating of technology and process, factories have been silicone new launch. such as silicone strap, silicone gel paste type, grid, considerate, magnetic silicone BRA, transparent powder, thickening type, ordinary type, light and so on ... ... Are recognized by many city MM '.

2. fabric invisible bra. its greatest characteristic is: light and ventilation was slightly better! the thickest that ultrasonic seamless, a pair of bra and only 15-20G. But thoughtful effect is slightly worse than the silicone (silicone is an extremely good skin, breast augmentation surgery using silicone in many large hospitals) and silicone invisible bra is not afraid of water, keep pushing for a swim!