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Victoria's Secret In Moscow And Then In Russia To Open A Sexy Shop
- Dec 21, 2016 -

On August 19, Victoria's secret to continue its global expansion, the Shopping Mall opened its second store in Moscow on August 27. In Moscow on February 6 the European shopping store has opened.

The sales include lingerie, BRA, underwear, casual women's clothing, shoes, cosmetics and various ancillary costume, Deluxe shorts, perfumes, cosmetics, and related books.

Earlier, the popular leisure sports underwear bralette, caused trouble to Victoria's secret. In order to attract this type of consumer, leisure underwear Victoria's secret started marketing campaigns, marketing content is "no padded underwear is sexy."

Billion State power network understanding Brands Victoria's secret parent company l in 2016 fiscal second-quarter profit amounted to $252 million (about 1.671 billion yuan), up 24.7%. In the three months ended June 30, its Victoria's secret, Bath&Body Works, Pink, La Senza and Henri Bendel brands such as net revenue of $2.89 billion (about 19.169 billion yuan), rose to 5%, up from 2.86 billion dollars previously given by Thomson Reuters expected.

Its parent company directly owned stores amounted to 2038 companies, covering the United States, and Canada and the United Kingdom and China, the brand sells to 700 stores around the world; in addition, it also sold online.

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