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Which Silicone Bra Is Good?
- Dec 03, 2018 -

According to the material and color of the silica gel: To judge the quality of the invisible bra, the color of the silicone material is very important. At present, the inferior invisible bra on the market often uses recycled industrial waste silica gel material, and the silicone bra produced has a lot of toxic impurities. The cup is easy to be deformed, and the color is dark and the color is different. The invisible bra of good quality is generally made of high-quality bio-friendly silicone. The purity of the silica gel is high, the permeability is good, non-toxic and tasteless, the color is naturally close to the skin, and the color is bright. Uniform, seamless;

Judging from the fabric of the bra: the fabric of the invisible bra now has these kinds of general: ordinary fabric, Lycra and pure fabric. Ordinary fabrics are generally very thin, so the entire bra is very light and lighter to wear, but the disadvantages are poor breathability, poor comfort and poor durability. Although the material of the Lycra fabric is slightly thicker, the elasticity of the entire cup is relatively sufficient, and the disadvantage is that the permeability is slightly poor. Compared with the first two fabrics, the cotton fabric is comfortable and soft, with better breathability, fine and smooth, but not as elastic as Lycra;

Judging from the design details of the bra: We know that one of the most important functions of the invisible bra is the fullness of the chest, so the invisible bra of good quality will generally adopt the deep V and the upper and lower thick design, which can fit the chest more when worn. In order to enhance the breathability of the bra, a good invisible bra will have a honeycomb venting hole inside to prevent the chest from becoming hot and humid, and more dry; finally, in order to better shape the nipple focus Care, good invisible bra will not be glued around the focus or designed with a small cap to protect the focus, feel more safe and comfortable.