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Why Do We Produce Breast Form
- Aug 03, 2018 -

 Why Wear a Breast Form?

After a mastectomy, breast-conserving surgery or even reconstruction, you might choose to wear a breast form (breast prosthesis) or shaper, to help you feel like yourself again.

Your goal when being fitted for a breast form is to create a natural body silhouette so that you feel balanced, comfortable and confident. High-quality silicone forms behave like a real breast, moving naturally when you walk and lie down. 

But breast forms aren’t just cosmetic; there are important medical reasons to wear them. By compensating for the weight of a real breast, a properly fitting breast form helps prevent problems like lymphedema, bad posture or shoulder and neck problems.  

Types of Breast Prosthesis

Breast form features and capabilities vary. Depending on your lifestyle and activities, you might choose:

  • Silicone breast form with an adhesive back

  • Lightweight breast form 

  • Swim breast prosthesis which is water-resistant and dries quickly 

  • Super soft breast form to adapt to scars or tissue

  • Temperature equalizing breast form if you love to workout

  • Partial breast shaper for uneven breast or lumpectomy

Comfort should be your main consideration, and with the innovative technologies available, the broad choice includes special shapes, smart options like air-flow channels and even temperature regulation in some breast forms. 

Finding a breast form that feels comfortable to you is definitely possible, whatever your needs. With the help of a certified mastectomy fit specialist, you can try on and feel different types of breast form to see which ones work best for you. To find mastectomy fitter use our Store Locator

How Does a Breast Form Fit? 

To securely hold a breast form or symmetry shaper, there are specially designed bras with integral pockets

While still beautiful to look at, these bras have clever features like a slightly higher neckline and underarm and soft, padded straps. You may also choose a self-adhesive breast form, but we recommend wearing it with a bra, as well. 

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Swimming after breast surgery is a particularly good exercise for recovery, so we also design special swimwear with similar features as our bras. Pockets securely hold your breast forms in place and allow comfortable movement and a natural silhouette. 

Wearing the right breast form can make a big difference in how you feel every day.