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Will Silicone Underwear Slip?
- Dec 03, 2018 -

Generally, it will not fall, but it does not rule out the situation of falling.

The inner layer of the silicone underwear is coated with glue. It is because of this layer of glue that it can be firmly adhered to the chest. According to the quality of the silicone underwear, the quality of the glue is different, and the quality of the glue is usually only Can be used 30-50 times will not stick, when the glue is not sticky, silicone underwear is very likely to fall, but the newly bought silicone underwear is very sticky, basically will not fall.

Viscous weakening is easy to fall off

The glue of silicone underwear is AB glue, hospital silica gel, super glue, bio glue, and the worst is AB glue. After about 30-50 times, the viscosity will disappear completely, and the glue of bio glue is better. When used for about 3,000 times, it is naturally difficult to drop, and whether the silicone underwear will fall depends largely on the viscosity of the glue.

Easy to fall in high temperature environment

In high-temperature environments, such as the seaside, noon, sauna, etc., the human body produces a lot of sweat due to high temperature, while the silicone underwear is impervious, the sweat of the chest can not be discharged normally, and it will directly penetrate the silicone underwear, thus affecting its own viscosity. , causing the phenomenon of silicone underwear slipping.

Strenuous exercise is easy to lose

Although silicone underwear can stick to the chest itself, it still can't stand the external strenuous exercise, such as running, bouncing, dancing, etc. It is very likely that the silicone underwear will fall, and the exercise will cause the body to sweat, thus reducing The friction between the chest and the silicone underwear makes the silicone underwear easier to fall and the service life is shortened.