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Nipple Cover

The nipple is used on the chest nipple of the human body to cover the body of the areola to achieve the effect of the invisible underwear. The role is to replace the bra, which makes people feel comfortable, safe, beautiful, and has a decorative effect in terms of visual effects. Fashion, trendy, convenient, and keep pace with the times.
It is made of high-grade silica gel. Its color and feel are close to human skin. It is directly attached to the chest when used. It is naturally comfortable and fits with the chest. It can be used repeatedly after washing, and can be matched with elegant evening dresses, casual slings, open back, exposed arms and see-through.
1. 100% pure silica gel product
2. Self-adhesive design, firm and not easy to fall off
3. Strapless shoulder straps, easy to wear
4. Petal small design to protect the nipple
5. Comfortable and breathable
6. Shape the tight chest curve
7. Can be used with backless, bare shoulder, see-through, etc.
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