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Invisible Silicone Nipple Cover

Invisible Silicone Nipple Cover is a must-have for modern young women's boudoir. Whether it is a gathering of friends or a beach with a lover, it is a must-have sexy equipment. Invisible silicone nipples leave us with no trace of sexy performance, which is considered by women to be the greatest invention of the 21st century.
Daily maintenance method
After the invisible nipple is dried, you can use the cling film or the protective film for the first time, completely cover the inside of the invisible nipple again, and squeeze out the air bubbles in the cover to be placed in the protective case for the next use. However, put a small package of household desiccant / a small piece of cotton in the protective box to prevent moisture.
If you need to wear invisible bra for a long time, you should regularly clean and maintain it. Body sweat may damage skin and damage the product. It is recommended to keep the product dry and clean at all times. When re-wearing, keep the cup and chest dry. Wash the invisible bra separately from other clothes to avoid damage to the product on other clothes. Machine washing is not recommended because the machine will deform the product and shorten the service life.
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